About us

We are a team of freelance Prod NAV consultants working together on smaller and larger Prod NAV implementations and projects. We all have different backgrounds, some are stronger in Business and some more in IT. Although we have clients in both in the Spain, Portugal, Angola, Kenia.
The projects are managed by myself who will put together the appropriate team to solve any Prod NAV implementation.

What you see is what you get
We do not have pushy sales people employed who will lure you in to signing a big contract up front before you know what you are getting. From the moment you contact us, you will talk to the people who will be helping you. We like to show you how good we are rather then trying to convince you. Actions speak louder than words!

More value
Other consultancies have more sales people, managers and office staff than they have consultants. Obviously this is expensive to maintain. We do not have any such administrative overheads which means we can offer our services cheaper than those consultancies while still maintaining a high quality. In fact we believe we are better than most consultancies precisely because we are not slowed down and burdened by a big bureaucratic setup.

Fast Delivery
Compared to other consultancies we deliver very fast. When you work with a larger, more established consultancy, typically numerous people are involved in solving your problems. Even smaller projects will engage both an Account Manager, a Project Manager, a Technical Consultant and a Developer. Although this might sound great it tends to slow down the process immensely.

2-hour free remote session
Let us show you what we can do! Write us today and we will set up up a remote meeting to go over any topic you want. We can talk about your business, your headaches and how you imagine NAV supporting your future business processes.

How much?
As we do not employ a huge support staff (sales, admin, HR, etc) we can offer our services about 50% cheaper than any other typical Microsoft Partner. In addition, the price hugely depends on your participation. Maybe you prefer to do most of the work yourself having us connected loosely as advisors or maybe you would like us to do all relevant activities. You can book us on an hourly basis, on a project basis or on a retainer and prices are negotiable.

Performance Based Compensation
We are so confident in our work that we will accept performance based compensation. Maybe you would like to only pay us if your company margin doubles in two years? Maybe you would like to only pay us if your profit doubles in 4 years? Maybe you would like to compensate us with options in your company? To you, the advantage of such a setup is obvious: Our goals will be aligned to the overall success of your company, you minimize your risk, you improve your cash flow and if things for some reason do not work out you will have minimized your loss.

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